Tips for dud free dating

Posted By: The Breakfast Show · 8/21/2012 6:46:00 AM

1. Let the man lead
If things are quiet, YOU don’t call, YOU don’t text, YOU don’t stalk. If he’s interested, he’ll follow up again. Be patient and let it unfold.

2. Remain Mysterious
We all like a challenge, and men especially do – don’t take that away from them. Find the happy medium between anxious and available. Don’t over-explain your reasoning.

3. Life a full life
Busy women are more attractive to men, because it means you don’t rely on them for your happiness. Live a full life, and have other things to do – it’ll make the guy feel more special that you have time for him, and it shows you’re a strong, independent woman. It doesn’t matter what it is: a reality show binge or helping the homeless (you don’t have to disclose WHAT you’re doing), keep busy.

4. Don’t sleep with him too soon
If you’re looking for a relationship, hold off on the insta-nookie. Respect yourself, respect your body, and develop that emotional bond with them, first.

5. Keep it light.
Sure, you might want to be serious with this guy (or someone) one day, but hold off on the religion / marriage / kids / white picket fence talk for the first few dates. Focus on getting to know the other person, while keeping the mood light. Don’t scare him off – just have fun!

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