NSFW: Man pees on homeless man outside Eaton Centre. WTF!

Posted By: The Breakfast Show · 8/8/2012 5:52:00 AM

Toronto Police are investigating this video posted online.

A man... actually urinating on a passed out homeless man. Unbelievable.

It's not clear whether the video is staged but the footage was uploaded on August 7th to WorldStarHipHop.com and already has well over 100,000 views.

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  1. Genie posted on 08/08/2012 08:04 AM
    That is absolutely disgusting and that guy should be pissed on himself!!! What is wrong with some people in this world! It's just sick! If anyone finds out who the guy that pissed is let me know and I will personally pee on him myself and if anyone finds the homeless man let me know I will take him to have a nice shower and give him a nice hot meal<3 He's probably such a sweetheart and no one deserves that!
  2. Anna posted on 08/08/2012 08:08 AM
    Hey guys I jist heard you talking about thus video and couldn't believe that someone would actually do this to another person so I looked it up on your page and here it is..
    This is absolutely disgusting that someone would ever do thus I don't understand the humour in any of this this is extremely rude, disrespectful & just plain mean! Good luck with finding this man!
  3. darrell posted on 08/08/2012 12:17 PM
    fuc*@ing punks the ones laughing should also get theirs, i would love to smash each one of these disgusting boys
  4. Stacey posted on 08/08/2012 01:10 PM
    Wow teens of Toronto, way to represent! This is absolutely disgusting! I don't believe this is staged at all, this is exactly how most kids these days show respect for people! These kids are probably fortunate enough to have a roof over their head, well wait till their parents are out of work and can't support them anymore and they lose everything, I hope that someone comes along and pisses on them when they are down and out! If I was thinking about travelling to come see the beautiful city of Toronto, this would definately make me rethink the option! DISGUSTING and these people should be ashamed of themselves!
  5. Eugeniad posted on 08/08/2012 03:19 PM
    I am speechless! How sad are human beings? Not even an animal would do that to another. It just goes to show how animals are far more intelligent and respecful of other than humans.
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