The three things that men do to annoy women... And what Cosmo says you should do about it

Posted By: The Breakfast Show · 7/25/2012 6:50:00 AM

#1.) He Says I DON'T CARE Every Time You Ask His Opinion. When guys don’t know what you WANT them to say, they’d rather just leave it up to you instead of saying the wrong thing.

So if you ask about something they don’t know about (like which shoes go better with the dress you’re wearing) they’ll probably give you a non-answer. If he does it all the time with things like movies and restaurants, just tell him you don’t want to be the one calling all the shots, and ask him to be more decisive.

#2.) He’s Quiet When He Gets Home from Work. It MIGHT mean something happened at work that he doesn’t want to talk about. But not necessarily.

According to Cosmo, guys just have a harder time jumping back and forth between work-mode and hang-out mode. So it takes a little longer to unwind, and you should get him to do something low-key with you, like watch TV.

#3.) He Waits Until the Last Minute to Get Ready. Most guys don’t really like dressing up. And they know it takes women a lot longer to get ready, so they just sit on the couch and delay it as long as possible.

The EASIEST way to make him get ready on time is to just lie and tell him you’ll be ready in ten minutes …when it’s really more like 20. Cosmo also says you can also trick him by waiting until you have about 30 minutes left, then mentioning how good he looked the LAST time he got dressed up. Chances are, he’ll take a few extra minutes to make sure he looks good again.

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