Did we catch Ross' wife Nikki cheating? Or were his suspicions unfounded?

Posted By: The Breakfast Show · 2/24/2012 10:06:00 AM

Ross reached out to the show after hearing other people's situations.

His wife Nikki had strayed in their relationship early on with his best friend. They had gone to therapy and he thought they had worked it out. But lately, he feels that something is going on and he wants to get to the bottom of it.

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  1. Zee posted on 02/24/2012 01:12 PM
    I was listening today and it was BRUTAL for real!
    She was cheating and she had a disgussting attitude too.
    I'm neither an advocate of monogomy nor polyamory. Each copule is diferrent. Every person is diferrent with a diferrent partner. But the bottom line is ; NEVER lie!
  2. RubyH_2 posted on 02/24/2012 01:22 PM
    He loves her so much, I was very sad for him to hear she was cheating on him; it was a double burn to find out it wasn't just some random bloke. Clearly she doesn't derserve you Ross, you need to move on and put her past in your behind.
  3. passing by posted on 02/24/2012 08:57 PM
    I was listening to this story yesterday and catch the 2nd half of it today. She definitely has no remorse for cheating and this wasn't even her first time. She clearly doesn't care about Ross. And she is trying to make him look bad for doing this on a radio show and saying its digusting and low? She is more disgusting and goes way lower than that.
  4. Barb posted on 02/24/2012 10:21 PM
    Wow! She is DISGUSTING!!!!!
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