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  • Drake night is TONIGHT @ the Raptors. Peep the shirt

    If you're going to the game, you'll get something that could be a collector's item... Click for more...
  • DIY: How to make a #WreathWitherspoon for Christmas

    During last week's episode of The Mindy Project, Mindy debuted a beautiful Christmas creation called Wreath Witherspoon, which is pretty much what it sounds like: a wreath decorated with pictures of Reese Witherspoon's face.

    Seriously, a search for #WreathWitherspoon on Twitter or Instagram will turn up many, many examples. You people are crafty!

    From NERDIST, here’s how to make a Wreath Witherspoon of your very own.


    – 14-inch Christmas wreath
    – 5 – 6 photos of Reese Witherspoon
    – ribbon
    Step 1: Find pictures of Reese Witherspoon on the internet.
    Step 2: Print out and cut the pictures approximately 4” to 5” in height.
    Step 3: Adhere to the branches of wreath with hot glue.
    Step 4: Use ribbon to tie and hang. Click for more...
  • When did Calvin Harris get so hot? #Shirtless

    You must follow @CalvinHarris on Twitter. Seriously. Click for more...





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