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  • What's The Song of the Summer?!

    The weather is making everyone ask the same question: what is going to be the song of the summer!

    Can you picture it now? Warm patio, cool drinks, all your friends around, and the most PERFECT song bumping?!

    Well, Shazam has broken down what the top songs of the summer are!

    Toronto’s own Strumbellas made the list! They were 5th place.

    Kiiara – Gold was number 4.

    No surprises here: Calvin Harris and Rihanna – This Is What You Came For was number 3. When it dropped, nearly everyone called it the song of the summer.

    Desiigner – Panda was number 2 on the list. The trap song is one of the hottest songs in the world right now, and definitely a summer cruiser! It just makes you wanna drive down Lakeshore with the top down, and head to the beach!

    BUT! The number 1 song of the summer, according to Shazam:

    YEAH! Drake is the number one song of the summer!

    They figured this out using what they call their ‘predictive algorithm’, which is basically a big math equation they use, weighed against how many people Shazam the song when they hear it. One Dance had 3.5 million Shazam’s, where Panda had 1.7 million.

    A LOT of the criticism sits around Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’, which actually only landed in 12th place!

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  • The Weeknd and Belly Cancelled Their Jimmy Kimmel Performance

    The Weeknd and Belly were slated to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, but had to cancel when they saw who the guest is!

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  • Shia LeBeouf Wants to Hitch a Ride With You!

    An old quote goes “it doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you”. Shia LeBeouf is putting that to the test.

    His newest art project is to hitch hike across the United States, going anywhere you want to take him!

    The new project, which is called “Take Me Anywhere”, is put on by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art with the Finnish Institute in London. The piece of contemporary performance art is pretty simple, they’re gonna post a co-ordinate, and you’re invited to pick them up.

    Note this video is NSFW, and contains foul language.

    It started Monday, but before then, Shia was tweeting out lots of co-ordinates, which ended up spelling ‘T-A-K-E-M-E-A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E’.

    It only just started, so the group hasn’t left Colorado yet, but who knows where they’ll get up in the month! The project started Monday, and will run until June 23rd. You can track their progress at Take Me Anywhere.

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  • Madonna Faced Heat For Her Prince Tribute

    Madonna paid a tribute to Prince at the Billboard Music Awards, and a lot of people were hard on her for the performance.

    Many of the criticisms ranged from Madonna being pitchy, that Madonna was ‘too old’ to tribute Prince, and that maybe a black man should have paid tribute instead.

    Of the criticisms, a lot of people were upset at the lack of inclusion of Sheila E., or other people that Prince helped mentor throughout his career.

    Others just thought it wasn’t good.

    What did you think of the performance? You can see it below:

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  • BREAKING: Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip Diagnosed with Brain Cancer

    Gord Downie, lead singer of The Tragically Hip, is confirmed to have terminal brain cancer, the band announced this morning.

    In an announcement on their website, that they shared on social media, they confirmed he was diagnosed a few months ago, and had “endured a lot of difficult times, and he has been fighting hard.”

    They also reminisced that as a band, they’ve performed thousands of shows, and hundreds of tours.

    They’ve also announced another, final, tour. They said:

    This feels like the right thing to do now, for Gord, and for all of us. What we in The Hip receive, each time we play together, is a connection; with each other; with music and it’s magic; and during the shows, a special connection with all of you, our incredible fans. So, we’re going to dig deep, and try to make this our best tour yet.

    Gord is 52, and the band has so far released 12 albums, 9 of which have gone number 1.

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