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  • How Did George Clooney Propose!?

    He’s the biggest legendary playboy there ever was! He was the bachelor for life! You have to wonder how GEORGE CLOONEY proposed!!

    He was on Ellen discussing how he proposed to Amal, check it out!

    That’s sweet, but like, you almost expect more from George Clooney, until you kind of realize, he’s never really needed to be romantic…

    You’d almost think his movies were better training though..?

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  • Will Smith Didn't Know About Jada Boycotting The Oscars

    Hey, remember when Jada Pinkett Smith joined Spike Lee in saying she’s going to boycott the Oscars?
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  • Drake Is Starring in a Superbowl Commercial!

    The commercial is for US wireless provider T-Mobile, and parodies his song Hotline Bling

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  • Harry Styles Is Going Solo

    Looks like Harry Styles is following in Zayn’s footsteps, and might not be returning to One Direction when their hiatus is over.

    He’s officially split from the management that handled One Direction, Modest Management, and instead has signed with Creative Artist’s Agency’s Jeffrey Azoff.

    We’re hearing rumours that Harry’s solo career is being prepared, and we should expect it to launch this time next year…

    Now, he’s still keeping the same record company and everything as One Direction, so he MIGHT still be going back to the group, but it looks less than hopeful!

    I wonder what a Harry Styles solo career would look like!

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  • Imagine An Uber Taking You To a Kanye Recording Session

    Can you imagine getting into an Uber Pool, and it causing you to go to a Kanye recording session?!

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