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  • Inside Brad and Angie's Wedding

    The entire world is talking about Brad Pitt & Angelia Jolie getting married over the weekend! Imagine being one of the 14 guests hand selected by the biggest celebrity couple in the world to celebrate their special day. Click for more...
  • Meet Nick Cannon's New Girlfriend

    You have mostly likely heard the divorce rumors for Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey… The latest is Nick has moved on from Mariah to model Jasmine “Golden Barbie” Sanders. If that was your ex-boyfriend, the last thing you'd want is for the next woman he dates to be someone nicknamed “Golden Barbie”! What about someone nicknamed “Frumpy” or “Butterface". Anything but "Golden Barbie"! Click for more...
  • Brad and Angelina Married?

    This is HUGE.  Pics have just come out of apparently Brad and Angelina getting married in France.  The thing is, they're also in France filming a movie where they get married.  Either way...these pics are gonna break the internet!!! Click for more...




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