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  • What do you think of Mrs. Clooney's wedding dress?

    GEORGE CLOONEY and AMAL ALAMUDDIN spent more than $4 MILLION to treat their wedding guests to a blowout weekend. Here's how some of that breaks down... Click for more...
  • Advice every 20-something out there needs to read

    Whether you’re fresh out of university and are just kicking off your twenties or you’ve got a few twenty-something years behind you, sometimes we get so fixated on, frustrated about and overwhelmed by what we THINK we’re supposed to be doing that we get lose sight of the big picture. Click for more...
  • If you met your significant other online, READ THIS

    Finding someone to date online seems pretty easy for most people... and if you swipe enough photos to the right on Tinder SOMEONE'S going to swipe you back. But does all that make it TOO easy?

    A new study out of Michigan State University found couples who meet online or through a dating app are more likely to break up than couples who meet the old-fashioned way.

    The theory here is that it's too easy to meet someone online... so people put less thought into whether they really have long-term potential with someone before they dive into a relationship.

    I call BS on this, because if you really are into who you're with, you'll do whatever you can to make your relationship a priority. Click for more...




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