Nathan East

Born one of the seven children of Thomas and Gwendolyn East in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nathan East and his family moved to San Diego, California, when he was four years old to accommodate his father's aerodynamics engineering job. As a child, East pecked out familiar melodies on the family piano. He began playing the cello in his junior high school orchestra. At the age of 14, East switched to bass guitar, inspired by his older brother David's mastery of the instrument. He began playing for local church groups and folk masses with his brothers. East played along with the recordings of bassists Ron Carter, Ray Brown, Charles Mingus, Buster Williams, Scott LaFaro, Larry Graham, and Motown's James Jamerson, as well as albums by James Brown, Cream, and horn bands like Chicago, Tower of Power, and Blood, Sweat & Tears. The young bassist began playing in his high school's jazz ensemble, marching band, choir, chorus, and pep band, as well as Top 40 bands.

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