Steve Fisk

Few figures exerted greater influence over the contemporary Pacific Northwest indie music scene than Steve Fisk -- while a veteran of bands including Pell Mell and Pigeonhed, he earned his greatest renown as a producer, helming sessions for acts including Nirvana, the Screaming Trees, Soundgarden and Beat Happening. Already a veteran of countless short-lived bands by the time he made his solo debut in 1980 with contributions to the compilations Sub Pop 5 and Life Elsewhere, in 1985 Fisk resurfaced as a member of the instrumental outfit Pell Mell, which issued a series of well-received efforts on SST. That same year he made his producing debut with the Screaming Trees' Other Worlds, followed in 1986 by the group's Clairvoyance; soon his credit appeared regularly on releases from the Sub Pop and K labels, including key early releases from the likes of Beat Happening (the brilliant Jamboree) and Soundgarden (Fopp).

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