John Parish

John Parish first hit public consciousness as a collaborator with PJ Harvey, co-producing and playing on To Bring You My Love and Is This Desire? While he subsequently staked out an enigmatic solo career, the tale of his rise in music is entwined with that of Harvey. Raised in Yeovil, England, Parish's first recording experience came with a new wave band called Thieves Like Us in 1980. Following that, he started the group Headless Horseman, which evolved into Automatic Dlamini, an experimental band that would survive into the early '90s -- and that would eventually include Harvey. Parish also began his producing career in the mid-'80s, working with acts such as the Becketts, the Brilliant Corners, and Grape. In 1987, Automatic Dlamini member Jeremy Hogg met the young PJ Harvey at a party. The group made fast friends with her, who gave some tapes of her songs to Parish. She was soon added to the band, staying on until 1991. After Automatic Dlamini broke up, Parish went on to produce more albums and serve as a college lecturer.