Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Pop-Soul, Chicago Soul

Album Review

Mel & Tim's debut album featured both of their smashes, "Backfield in Motion" and "Good Guys Only Win in the Movies." As full-length soul records of the era go, it's a bit above average, if only because the duo wrote a high percentage of their own material. It's sweet Chicago pop/soul circa 1969-70 at its most centrist: not too slick, not terribly earthy, and not as distinctive as the Impressions or Gene Chandler, although the sound bears general similarities. The CD reissue has five extra bonus tracks from singles that were issued around the same era.
Richie Unterberger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Good Guys Only Win in the Movies
  2. Forget It, I've Got It
  3. I've Got Purdee
  4. Feeling Bad
  5. Groovy Situation
  6. Backfield in Motion
  7. Caught You in the Act
  8. I Found That I Was Wrong
  9. Mail Call Time
  10. Ain't Love Wonderful
  11. Do Right Baby [*]
  12. Never on Time [*]
  13. We've Got the Groove to Move You [*]
  14. I'm the One [*]
  15. Put an Extra Plus to Your Love [*]
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