May 21, 2002
Redline Records
Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Hard Rock, Album Rock

Album Review

There's no faulting the music on the 2002 collection Scooped -- after all, it contains 35 highlights from Pete Townshend's Scoops, his superlative series of demos and home recordings. And it's not just that it contains hits and well-known songs -- it stays true to the intent of the series by offering instrumental snippets, unknown songs, soundscapes, and early versions of classics. It captures the feeling of a true Scoop collection, while offering a bunch of great songs, but it's hard not to wonder why it exists. After all, if you've decided that you're big enough of a Townshend fan to buy demos, why not get all three double-disc sets instead of one, especially since they're all of extremely high quality? But if you decide you want a sampling, or need an introduction, this does its job perfectly.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Recorders
  2. Pinball Wizard
  3. Can You See the Real Me
  4. Dirty Water
  5. Zelda
  6. Pictures of Lily
  7. Body Language
  8. Seige: Theme 019
  9. 971104 Arpeggio Piano
  10. Brooklyn Kids
  11. Substitute
  12. Elephants
  13. Eminence Front
  14. Baroque Ippanese
  15. Magic Bus
  16. I Like It the Way It Is
  17. Unused Piano: "Quadrophenia"
  18. Bargain
  19. Lonely Words
  20. So Sad About Us/Brrr
  21. Tough Boys
  22. You Better You Bet
  23. Mary
  24. Begin the Beguine
  25. Piano: Tipperary
  26. How Can You Do It Alone
  27. Football Fugue
  28. Behind Blue Eyes
  29. Never Ask Me
  30. Circles (Instant Party)
  31. Holly Like Ivy
  32. Variations on Dirty Jobs
  33. Cat Snatch
  34. You're So Clever
  35. Love Reign O'Er Me