January 30, 2001
Source UK
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, Piano/New Age

Album Review

The veteran new age pianist Peter Kater is a master composer and player equally inspired, it has seemed, by classical music and pop/rock. His best work in the early '90s had a catchy pop edge and was easy to categorize as symphonic instrumental rock at times. These days, he's a little more meditational and expansive, but no less inspiring. His Heart's Desire is a musical collage that centers on the piano and finds him coloring the harmonies with the diverse woodwinds of Paul McCandless. "My Heart's Eyes" is a gentle yet sweeping prayer inflected with the urgency of McCandless' oboe. "Clear Skies" has a little more rhythmic foundation (reminiscent of that early-'90s pop phase) while "Winds of Change" focuses more on emotional ambience before the drums peek in. "Hearts' Desire" blends a series of glissandos with a chamber music effect. Overall, Kater and McCandless simply go where their muse takes them, usually to more artistic than commercially oriented realms.
Jonathan Widran, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. My Heart's Eyes
  2. Clear Skies
  3. Winds of Change
  4. Heart's Desire
  5. Gabrielle
  6. Always and Forever
  7. Sweet Sands of Longing
  8. Soul Retrieval
  9. Heart's Desire Reprise
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