December 07, 1999
Cash Money
Rap, Southern Rap, Dirty South

Album Review

Following up his tremendously successful third full-length 400 Degreez with an album of similar themes and sounds, Juvenile relies on the Southern bounce style, heavy on the polished synth and percussion, to push his gangsta tales.
Keith Farley, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Big Tymer Intro
  2. U Understand
  3. F*** That Nigga
  4. A Million and One Things
  5. Take Them 5
  6. G-Code
  7. Something Got 2 Shake
  8. Da Magnolia
  9. Catch Your Cut
  10. Lil Boyz
  11. Get It Right
  12. Never Had S***
  13. I Got That Fire
  14. Tha Man
  15. March Nigga Step
  16. Guerrilla
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