October 21, 1991
Rap, Pop-Rap, Urban

Album Review

With his third album, Too Legit to Quit, Hammer dropped the "MC" from his name, but didn't undergo any major changes musically. Indeed, Legit provided a heavy dose of the thing that made Please Hammer, Don't Hurt Em so successful: likeable, fun pop-rap that appealed to mainstream Top 40 audiences more than the hood. For a few years, Hammer almost seemed to be the Michael Jackson of rap. Although it fell short of Please Hammer's artistic and commercial success, Legit definitely had its share of inviting hits, including "This Is the Way We Roll" and the title song. While Hammer hasn't always been the most challenging artist in the world, the Oakland native has some noteworthy social commentary in "Living in a World Like This" and "Brothers Hang On" -- both of which are disturbing commentaries on the harsh realities of ghetto life.
Alex Henderson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. This Is the Way We Roll
  2. Brothers Hang On
  3. Too Legit to Quit
  4. Living in a World Like This
  5. Tell Me (Why Can't We Live Together)
  6. Releasing Some Pressure
  7. Find Yourself a Friend
  8. Count It Off
  9. Good to Go
  10. Lovehold
  11. Street Soldiers
  12. Do Not Pass Me By
  13. Gaining Momentum
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