July 15, 1997
Def Jam
Rap, Club/Dance, Gangsta Rap, Hardcore Rap

Album Review

Although it runs a little long and is lacking in imagination, Cru's Da Dirty 30 is a solid debut from the hardcore rappers. Musically, Da Dirty 30 works the standard post-gangsta, hardcore territory -- there are deep bass grooves, but also menacing, skeletal soundscapes in the vein of the Wu-Tang Clan. Lyrically, Cru can be a little weak, but there are times when the crew pulls it all together, and at those moments, Da Dirty 30 is strong, invigorating hardcore hip-hop.
Leo Stanley, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. DJ Footlong (Intro)
  2. Bluntz & Bakakeemis
  3. That SH**
  4. Just Another Case
  5. Hoe 2 Society
  6. Nuthin' But
  7. Straight from L.I.P.
  8. Goin' Down
  9. Shoot Out
  10. Ten to Run
  11. Wreckgonize
  12. Bulletproof Vest
  13. The Ebonic Plague
  14. Up North
  15. R.I.P.
  16. Live at the Tunnel
  17. Pronto
  18. You Used To
  19. Fresh, Wild and Bold
  20. O.J.
  21. Lisa Lipps
  22. Bubblin'
  23. Goines Tale
  24. The Illz
  25. Footlong
  26. My Everlovin'
  27. Pay Attention
  28. Loungin' Wit My Cru
  29. Dirty 29
  30. Armaggedon
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