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Album Review

If Say What You Will...'s inchoate, raunchy blur is a bit much, then album number two, again produced by Bob Mould, straightens things out a bit and lets riffs emerge from the walls of distortion. The record's first single, "Tied to the Tracks," is a rip-snorting bull ride of volume and power, but then again, so is much of the record. Although they were derisively written off by some wags as Hüsker Jr., that was a critical view offered by the short-sighted. They may have shared the same sound, but were very different bands.
John Dougan, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Tied to the Tracks
  2. Ship of Fools
  3. Can't Go Back
  4. Another World, Another Day
  5. Made to Be Broken
  6. Never Really Been
  7. Whoa!
  8. New Feelings
  9. Growing Pain
  10. Long Way Home
  11. Lone Rider
  12. Ain't That Tough
  13. Don't It (Make Your Troubles Seem Small)
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