July 20, 2010
Sounds of Yesteryear
Jazz, Big Band, Swing

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Track Listing

  1. This is the Night
  2. The Old Lamplight
  3. Anniversary Song
  4. Somewhere in the Night
  5. Every So Often
  6. The Heather On the Hill
  7. Oh But I Do!
  8. To Each His Own
  9. The Man Who Paints the Rainbow in the Sky
  10. If My Heart Had a Window
  11. At Last
  12. Too Marvellous for Words
  13. Melancholy
  14. True
  15. Two Loves Have I
  16. The First Time I Need You
  17. Don't Call it Love
  18. Passing Fancy
  19. So Far
  20. Night and Day
  21. The Song is You
  22. Now is the Hour (Hearere Ra)
  23. Sleepytime Gal
  24. But Beautiful
  25. I Have But One Heart ('O Marinariello)