Fantastic Voyage
Classical, Soundtracks, Film Music

Album Review

This four-CD set combines film composer John Barry’s soundtracks for Elizabeth Taylor in London, Zulu, and 4 in the Morning (each gets its own CD with reproductions of the original artwork) and adds a fourth disc of selected James Bond themes and other odds and ends (including outtakes and several tracks that touch on the 1963 John Profumo U.K. sex scandal, believe it or not). Casual listeners might fare better with a single-disc compilation of Barry’s Bond themes, but for those willing to go further and deeper, this box shows clearly the range and varied scope of Barry’s other film scores.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Elizabeth
  2. London at Dawn
  3. The London Theme
  4. Lovers and Browning
  5. Pitt's Speech
  6. London Theme - Jazz Waltz
  7. Elizabeth Waltz
  8. Queen Elizabeth at Tilbury
  9. English Garden
  10. Queen Victoria
  11. The Fire of London
  12. Churchill Speech
  13. Elizabeth [Instrumental]
  14. The London Theme [Instrumental]
  15. Lovers [Instrumental]
  16. London Theme - Jazz Waltz [Instrumental]
  17. Elizabeth Waltz [Instrumental]
  18. English Garden [Instrumental]
  19. The Fire of London [Instrumental]
  20. Zulu (Main Title Theme)/Isandhlwana, 1879
  21. News of the Massacre/Rorke's Drift Threatened
  22. Wagons Over
  23. First Zulu Appearance and Assault
  24. Durnford's Horse Arrive and Depart/The Third Assault
  25. Zulu's Final Appearance and Salute
  26. The VC Roll and Men of Harlech
  27. Stamp and Shake
  28. High Grass
  29. Zulu Stamp
  30. Big Shield
  31. Zulu Maid
  32. Monkey Feathers
  33. Four in the Morning
  34. River Walk
  35. Coffee Talk
  36. Lover's Clasp
  37. Norman's Return
  38. Cupboard Love
  39. River Ride
  40. Four in the Morning
  41. Lover's Tension
  42. Declaration and Rejection
  43. First Reconciliation
  44. Norman Leaves
  45. The Dawn Discussion
  46. Moment of Decision
  47. Judi Comes Back
  48. Four in the Morning [Instrumental]
  49. River Walk [Instrumental]
  50. Lover's Clasp [Instrumental]
  51. Norman's Return [Instrumental]
  52. River Ride [Instrumental]
  53. Four in the Morning [Instrumental]
  54. Lover's Tension [Instrumental]
  55. First Reconciliation [Instrumental]
  56. Norman Leaves [Instrumental]
  57. Moment of Decision [Instrumental]
  58. Judi Comes Back [Instrumental]
  59. Christine
  60. S-E-X
  61. Kinky
  62. Fancy Dance
  63. James Bond 007 Theme
  64. From Russia with Love (Theme)
  65. Elizabeth [Version]
  66. The London Theme [Version]
  67. Zulu Stamp
  68. Monkey Feathers
  69. The Loneliness of Autumn
  70. Troubadour
  71. Theme
  72. Kinky
  73. Fancy Dance
  74. From Russia with Love (Theme) [Organ Version] [Version]