January 14, 1992
Rhythm & Blues, Urban, New Jack Swing, Contemporary R&B

Album Review

One of the last popular New Jack groups, this East Coast unit had some smash singles in 1992 doing both conventional R&B/soul and hip-hop/new jack tracks. They did both originals and covers, had an enthusiastic attitude, were well produced, and stayed on the urban contemporary outlets throughout the year.
Ron Wynn, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. She's Loving Me
  2. She's Got That Vibe
  3. Definition of a Hotti
  4. I Know What You Need
  5. Keep It Street
  6. Born into the 90's
  7. Slow Dance
  8. Dedicated
  9. Honey Love
  10. Hangin' Out
  11. Hey Love (Can I Have a Word) [*]