March 17, 2009
Wounded Bird
Country, Traditional Bluegrass, Bluegrass, Country-Pop

Album Review

It's difficult to even imagine modern bluegrass without the refinements that Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs brought to the form, and it would be tough to find a contemporary bluegrass banjo player anywhere who didn't owe half of what they did on the instrument to the way Scruggs tore at it. This set combines two of Flatt & Scruggs' Columbia albums, 1962's Folk Songs of Our Land and 1964's The Fabulous Sound of Flatt and Scruggs, on one disc, and the two albums fit together very well, since both downplay the bluegrass elements for a more varied and folk-based feel, although don't worry, it's still bluegrass. Highlights include a haunting version of the traditional murder ballad "Ellen Smith," the nicely rendered Woody Guthrie gem "Philadelphia Lawyer," and nice, guitar dominated takes on Southern folk standards "The Train That Carried My Girl from Town" and "Georgia Buck."
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. The Legend of the Johnson Boys
  2. Hear the Wind Blow
  3. George Alley's F.F.V.
  4. Good Times Are Past and Gone
  5. Ellen Smith
  6. Sun's Gonna Shine in My Back Door Some Day
  7. This Land Is Your Land
  8. Philadelphia Lawyer
  9. Life of Trouble
  10. Nine Pound Hammer
  11. I'll Be No Man's Wife
  12. McKinley's Gone
  13. Hello Stranger
  14. Amber Tresses Tied with Blue
  15. The Good Things (Outweigh the Bad)
  16. Bummin' an Old Freight Train
  17. I'm Walking with Him
  18. The Train That Carried My Girl from Town
  19. My Wandering Boy
  20. Georgia Buck
  21. Father's Table Grace
  22. When Papa Played the Dobro
  23. Please Don't Wake Me
  24. A Faded Red Ribbon