September 16, 2008
Furious Rose Productions
Pop/Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Sing-Alongs, Alternative/Indie Rock, Contemporary Singer/Songwriter

Album Review

The triumph of Lisa Loeb's second children's album (following her first, Catch the Moon, made with Elizabeth Mitchell) is that it is narrowly focused. As the title Camp Lisa suggests, this is a thematic collection of songs about going away to summer camp. Some of its selections, including "Home on the Range," are the sorts of numbers that have been heard around the campfire for generations. Others, including "Ready for the Summer" (from the movie Meatballs) and Neil Young's "Love Is a Rose," have been repurposed from other origins. Among the Loeb originals are pop/rock winners like "Wake Up Song" and the Beatlesque "It's Not Goodbye," the latter treating the inevitable if heartbreaking end of camp for the year. Loeb is joined by lots of enthusiastic children as well as friends including Maia Sharp, Jill Sobule, and Steve Martin, who contributes banjo playing to the shaggy dog story "The Disappointing Pancake." Camp Lisa is an album that will delight any children going to camp and any grown-ups who have ever been to camp.
William Ruhlmann, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Are You Ready for the Summer?
  2. Going Away
  3. Woodchuck #1
  4. Wake Up Song
  5. Best Friend
  6. Grandma's in the Cellar
  7. The Disappointing Pancake
  8. Woodchuck #2
  9. Home on the Range
  10. Father Abraham
  11. Woodchuck #3
  12. Love Is a Rose
  13. Peanut Butter and Jelly
  14. When It Rains
  15. The Cookie Jar Chant
  16. The Cookie Jar Song
  17. H.A.P.P.Y.
  18. It's Not Goodbye
  19. Linger
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