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Album Review

Though it's missing a few rarities -- namely the Steve Martin single for Buddha that reunited him with Michael Brown -- this is the most definitive Left Banke compilation. It features the entirety of their two late-'60s albums, as well as a couple of singles that didn't make it onto LPs at the time (though they later appeared on Rhino's History) and a previously unissued cut, "Men Are Building Sand." Their debut 1967 LP, Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina, is an underrated classic of the time, matching smart harmonies and pop hooks to baroque orchestration. Its brilliance casts a bit of a shadow over the rest of this collection. The group's 1968 album, Too, suffered from bloated production and, more importantly, the absence of chief songwriter/arranger Michael Brown. In turn, the 1967 single Brown cut under the Left Banke moniker with singer Bert Sommer suffers from the absence of lead vocalist Steve Martin. By the time Brown and Martin tenuously reunited for a late-1969 single, some of the spark had gone. All of the aforementioned highs and lows of this prodigiously talented but strife-ridden group are on this disc.
Richie Unterberger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Walk Away Renee
  2. I Haven't Got the Nerve
  3. Pretty Ballerina
  4. She May Call You up Tonight
  5. I've Got Something on My Mind
  6. Barterers and Their Wives
  7. Let Go of You Girl
  8. What Do You Know?
  9. Evening Gown
  10. Lazy Day
  11. Shadows Breaking over My Head
  12. Ivy Ivy
  13. Men Are Building Sand
  14. Desiree
  15. Dark Is the Bark
  16. My Friend Today
  17. Sing Little Bird Sing
  18. And Suddenly
  19. Goodbye Holly
  20. In the Morning Light
  21. Bryant Hotel
  22. Give the Man a Hand
  23. Nice to See You
  24. There's Gonna Be a Storm
  25. Pedestal
  26. Myrah
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