Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. Facekinis are sweeping Asia.

Posted By: Kid · 8/23/2012 7:00:00 PM

So a new fad has emerged in Asia.  Facekinis.  Instead of wearing suntan lotion on your face like normal people, some creative people across the pond have come up with an idea.

To wrap your face in a towel thing to protect it from the sun.  If you ask me these would be great for protecting your face from the security cameras as you rob your local Mac's Milk. 

Would you ever wear these?

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  1. JennJ_2 posted on 08/23/2012 08:38 PM
    Nice concept, but this is about as bad as the Niques and Birkas.Unless you're out scuba diving in freezing waters. Yes you may have a bathing suit, but really just slap some sunscreen on. Like I said, nice concept, but I would not be wearing something like this.
  2. Selena posted on 08/24/2012 08:25 AM
    I think its great for anyone with a skin problem and sensitivity to the sun. I wouldnt wear one though.
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