Bieber all growed up drawing penises like a swaggy adult

Posted By: Special Ed · 5/17/2012 3:32:00 PM

Justin Bieber is making the rounds to promote himself and his new album.  Which includes a Forbes cover and an interview in GQ.  I find it interesting that the interview is loaded with things you wouldn't expect from an artist with such a young fanbase.  But you have to start acting like an adult someday right?  And by adult, I mean drawing dicks all over the place, drinking, and talking s**t about custom car shops for no reason.  You can find the interview here, it's riddled with zingers and I recommend reading it.

But here are a few highlights that I enjoyed.

Alleged dicks on the wall:

After a few minutes, I noticed that someone had drawn a bunch of dicks all over the grease board by the door. So I pointed at them and asked, "Hey, who drew all the dicks?" One of the sound engineers immediately jumped up, ran over, and erased them with his sleeve. This is the new and mature Bieber. We can't have dicks being drawn all over the place. People might get the wrong idea about filthy-rich 18-year-old pop stars.

Talking WCC beef with his new van:

Everyone gathers around as Bieber tours the van. He is euphoric. So much so that he has decided to pledge his loyalty to West Coast Customs forever and to decry its rival, Platinum Motorsport. "Fuck Platinum," he says. "Platinum can suck a dick, man. West Coast all day." This is a different Bieber from the one who was imprisoned with me just five minutes ago. This must be the Bieber that Bieber would like to be all the time. His R-rated rant, though, draws a reprimand from Friedlinghaus. "I respect everyone's business—it's all love, dog," he tells Bieber. "Dudes came from my neighborhood, you know what I mean?" Bieber is chastened. "I respect that," he says. To atone, he invites Friedlinghaus and the entire West Coast Crew into his recording bungalow to listen to the new songs. "I'm 18 years old and I'm a swaggy adult!" he yells. "Come on, swaggy bros!"

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  1. your mom posted on 06/01/2012 07:16 PM
    this kid needs to die.
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