A perfume to help you....lose weight?

Posted By: Kella · 8/2/2012 10:24:00 AM

What do you make of this new product?

Prends-Moi Eau De Minceur is the world’s first slimming fragrance!

It's made with Betaphroline, caffeine, carnitine, and spirulina extract, which is said to stimulate the enzymes that breakdown fat. Plus it's supposed to trigger the release of beta-endorphins naturally present in the skin, which will send your brain a "pleasure message" which will make you feel like you're full.

Would you try it??

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  1. ElaineC_7 posted on 08/02/2012 11:00 AM
    Sure why not .. lmao .. what harm could it do .. question is what does it smell like ?
  2. ElaineC_7 posted on 08/02/2012 11:01 AM
    Wonder what it smells like .. if it smells sweet it could make you want to eat lmao !
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